Rachel McDonnell


Contemporary painter based in London


Welcome to my website. Come in, sit down and make yourself at home. Have a cup of tea. You'll have to make that yourself, as there doesn't seem to be a way of integrating that function into the design of the site. Then get up again and have a wander around. I should point out that a) I'm talking metaphorically here - I have no particular desire for you to wander round your office/sitting room, but would love you to look at my gallery, and b) I don't wish to appear bossy - you are of course welcome not to sit down, have tea or wander anywhere (gracious of me, don't you think?!). I'm afraid this isn't appearing particularly professional.... let's get down to the proper stuff.

I am an artist, based in Chalford, near Stroud. I'm largely a painter, in so far as most of my work is two dimensional, but I am currently engaged in a project that's somewhere between painting and sculpture. Some of my work isfairly straightforwardly realist and representational, and some is more abstract/concentrated on the conceptual. Ideally I would like my work to have both visual appeal and Something Else. I will say no more: let the work speak for itself if it is good enough, and not if it's not.

On this website you will find, should you care to look, some examples of past work (some of which is for sale, some of which is not), news of upcoming exhibitions and events, and a few other things I felt like sticking in. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to buy a picture, like the work but can't find any one picture you quite want to buy (commissions always welcome), just like the work (always nice to know), or have any suggestions/enquiries etc. If you don't like the work, please restrain yourself, I'm a sensitive soul!